Interestingly, bitcoin, the major barometer for the broader crypto market has pushed out of its consolidation pattern while other coins remained relatively flat. We are starting to see some divergence amongst the major coins and some lesser coins. This is particularly noteworthy as this pattern is often observed in equity markets when the highest quality stocks in the market will often lead a whole sector move and drive sentiment back into a market. This can be particular observed after major corrections or bear markets as the rule of natural selection. This is particularly what we are seeing at the moment with the biggest and best months ahead of other coins. Do we see some of the lesser/smaller coins gain traction such as EOS, TRON, Neo and Dash? I think it is likely as they set some constructive price action and wring out supply from stale holders who were promised riches in late 2017. Ripple is another coin we are watching closely through this constructive consolidation period.