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Blakeley brings independent, data-driven insights to sophisticated cryptoasset investors. We leverage our community of experienced traders and industry insiders to identify actionable strategies and help readers navigate the rapidly-evolving world of blockchain assets.

Covering everything from macroeconomic analysis of digital assets to the factors that drive successful blockchain ventures and projects, Blakeley’s deep market experience and quantitative tools offer an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition at a critical moment for investors – the emergence of a new global asset class that is based on fundamentals.

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Bitcoin’s Biggest Banes: Valuation, Volatility, and Correlation Oh My!

About 18 months ago, we wrote an article titled “Do Cryptoassets Deserve a Place in Your Portfolio? The Case or Digital Assets as an Asset Class” exploring the textbook features of an “asset class” and concluded that “digital assets offer a differentiated risk-reward profile from more traditional asset classes...there’s a compelling case for readers to consider an allocation to cryptoassets in their own portfolios.”


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